Reader mailbag: Worst roster move by Toronto FC?

Acquiring C.J. Sapong in exchange for Lukas MacNaughton and $125,000 in GAM was a "reek-of-desperation" trade by TFC.

Reader mailbag: Worst roster move by Toronto FC?

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Here we go...

There was a lot of roster movement by TFC during the season. Which move do you think helped the club the most? Which move hurt the club the most? 

– David Gee    

David asks an interesting question as TFC made more than a dozen roster moves during the regular season, not including short-term loans involving TFC 2 players. 

If we included what happened during the off-season, then I'd go with the acquisition of Adama Diomande as the worst and the signing of free agent Sean Johnson as the best. Diomande has been a complete bust thus far, while Johnson was one of the few TFC players this season who could hold his head up high.