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How much does it cost to subscribe to TFC Republic? Good question. I've come up with what I believe is a reasonable and affordable pricing scheme.

A yearly subscription to TFC Republic costs just $50 (which averages out to a mere $4.17 a month). That's a year's worth of in-depth coverage of Toronto FC and the Canadian soccer scene for roughly the price of buying a medium latte at Starbucks once a month. If you purchase a year's subscription, you'll save 48%! Pretty good deal, eh?

Want to check out TFC Republic on a trial basis before committing for a full year? No problem. A one-month subscription will only set you back $8.

I'll also be putting out a free weekly newsletter that will be available to anybody who is interested in signing up for it.

Monthly and yearly subscriptions include 13% GST/HST.

To get started, just click on the subscribe button.