Toronto FC vs. D.C. United: 3 takeaways

Saturday’s 7-1 loss to D.C. United not only extended Toronto FC's losing streak to six games. But it also underlined how far the club has fallen in a short period of time.

Toronto FC vs. D.C. United: 3 takeaways

In what has become a nightmare of a MLS season for Toronto FC, “The Debacle in D.C.” will go down as one of the ugliest chapters in club history.

Saturday’s 7-1 loss away to D.C. United - the heaviest defeat in the history of the franchise - not only extended the Reds’ losing streak to six games and their winless run to seven matches. But it also underlined just how far the club has fallen in such a short period of time.

Seven months ago, Toronto was involved in the race for the Supporters’ Shield and Greg Vanney was confidently steering the ship. Today, it is sitting in last place in the overall league standings, and has veered horribly off course under Chris Armas stewardship. That's not entirely on Armas, but can there be any doubts that he's part of the problem?

Where TFC goes from here is anybody’s guess, but the scary thing is it could get much worse. With the Reds expected to miss five players due to the upcoming Gold Cup, it’s not unreasonable to think they could be completely out of the playoff race by the end of July, if they already haven't reached that point.

Here are my three major takeaways from Saturday’s game.