Should the Italian DPs be a part of TFC's leadership group?

Including them in his leadership group could be a masterstroke by John Herdman or completely blow up in his face. Time will tell.

Should the Italian DPs be a part of TFC's leadership group?

John Herdman is hoping an old idea will breathe new life into Toronto FC. 

Herdman revealed this week that a player leadership group was formed prior to the start of pre-season training camp. The group includes Italian DPs Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi, midfielder Jonathan Osorio, goalkeeper Sean Johnson and defender Shane O'Neill.   

“These are the guys that have all won championships. They've all been part of championship teams in MLS, or they’ve done some extraordinary things like be part of a team at a World Cup or lead a team to a Euros,” Herdman explained. 

Having a player leadership group within the team is nothing new for Herdman, as similar groups were formed during his time in charge of both the Canadian women’s and men’s sides. Herdman used the groups to change the cultures of both failing programs he inherited by giving the teams' veterans the responsibility to set the tone and hold their teammates accountable.