TFC 2 report: Young Reds' 2-game winning streak snapped

TFC 2 opened the scoring against Chicago but then proceeded to cough up four consecutive goals in its third loss of the season.

TFC 2 report: Young Reds' 2-game winning streak snapped

In a regular series at TFC Republic, we'll look at TFC 2 and how the club is progressing through the 2024 MLS NEXT Pro season.

Why is TFC 2 so important in the grand scheme of things? TFC 2 has proven to be an invaluable part of Toronto FC's developmental system, as it’s usually where the best youth academy products play prior to signing with the senior team.

A lot of notable former and current Toronto FC players cut their teeth with TFC 2 before making their MLS debuts, including Ayo Akinola, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, Kosi Thompson, Alex Bono, and Jayden Nelson.

In 2023, defender Kobe Franklin, midfielder Alonso Coello and goalkeeper Luka Gavran signed with the senior team from TFC 2. This off-season, defender Adam Pearlman made the jump from the Young Reds to MLS.

Here's this week's TFC 2 report: