CPL offers ex-TFC prospect Themi Antonoglou a fresh start

After leaving Toronto FC, Themi Antonoglou has found himself and is looking to help Valour FC finally snap its CPL playoff drought.

CPL offers ex-TFC prospect Themi Antonoglou a fresh start

It was the sort of storyline that sports fans covet: Themi Antonoglou, a local kid from a Canadian-Greek family, had made it to the big leagues for his hometown club, MLS side Toronto FC.  

He was one of their own, a smallish defender who more than made up for his size with determination and a wand for a left foot. But somewhere along the way, this storybook tale stalled and sputtered until Antonoglou left for the Canadian Premier League and a fresh start far from home. 

On paper, Antonoglou's story had all the ingredients for success in Toronto. He was a local kid who dreamed of playing at BMO Field, had the talent and got to live his dream, graduating through TFC's youth academy to eventually make the first team. It was the pinnacle of everything he had worked towards since being scouted by the club as a 12-year-old boy by none other than its first goal scorer, Danny Dichio. 

“A kid coming out of here, playing at BMO Field with their friends and family in the stands, it’s literally one of the best feelings I’ve had, and my family’s had," Antonoglou told TFC Republic.