Catching up with former TFC coach John Carver

"That was probably the most regrettable mistake of my career when I stepped down," the former Reds manager told TFC Republic.

Catching up with former TFC coach John Carver

Toronto FC has had 14 coaches (full time and interim) since its first MLS season in 2007.  

But none were as colourful as John Carver, who was the Reds' second manager and oversaw the club from Feb. 1, 2008, to April 25, 2009.   

Since then, he's coached clubs in his native England and in Cyprus, and has served as an assistant with the Scottish national team since 2020. Sharp-eyed TFC fans will have noticed him sitting on the bench next to manager Steve Clark during Scotland’s opening 5-1 loss to Germany at Euro 2024 last Friday.  

In this one-on-one chat with TFC Republic, Carver, 59, reminisces about his time with Toronto FC in MLS and much more.