TFC Talk: It's time to cut the chord with Sebastian Giovinco

In the latest video blog, we break down the situation between Toronto FC and Sebastian Giovinco and why the Reds need to move on.

TFC Talk: It's time to cut the chord with Sebastian Giovinco
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Fans hoping for a Toronto FC-Sebastian Giovinco reunion were left disappointed when the club decided not to sign him to a deal prior to last Friday's MLS roster freeze deadline.

Giovinco has been working out by himself and with the rest of the team for the past month, but interim coach Terry Dunfield said he was still two to three weeks away from being ready for game selection.

Was this the right move to make? Why didn't the Reds bring Giovinco aboard for the rest of the season after integrating him into their training sessions? Is there any chance the Italian could still return to TFC?

I examine the entire situation in a special video blog below:

(Top photo courtesy of Canada Soccer)

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