Random thoughts on TFC: Coaching change alone won't fix things

Bob Bradley is gone, but the Italian DPs still need to start pulling their weight and putting the team first at the expense of their personal agendas.

Random thoughts on TFC: Coaching change alone won't fix things

Some random thoughts I had on Toronto FC as it gets set to play its first game on Saturday vs. Real Salt Lake at BMO Field since firing coach and sporting director Bob Bradley earlier this week...

A coaching change had to be made, but...

Football is a results business at the end of the day, and in that context, Toronto FC made the right decision to part company with Bob Bradley.

With just three wins through the first 20 games of the MLS season for TFC – and just four since last August – it became clear that the team had gone as far as it was going to travel under Bradley, and that he couldn't get anything more out of this under-performing side. With the Reds sitting seven points and five spots out of a playoff berth in the Eastern Conference, a change had to be made right away in order to salvage this season.

Even if it's too late to do that, it still made sense to let Bradley go and have his full-time replacement in place now, rather than waiting until the off-season. Delaying the decision would have had adverse effects on next year. This had to be done now.